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Chiropractic care offers real relief to aches and pains by addressing the functional problems underlying your symptoms. Dr. Jackson uses state of the art diagnostics tools and techniques to safely and accurately find the root of your pain and then provides treatments and plan for recovery.

Gentle Chiropractic Care – Prone Specific & Pointer Plus
Dr. Jackson utilizes both chiropractic adjustments and electronic acupuncture to give his patients relief. Through a technique called Prone Specific, you will get amazing results without the typical jarring associated with chiropractic adjustments. Prone Specific uses light and gentle manipulations to adjust your spine with twisting. Dr. Clint targets focused pressure on the vertebrae that need adjustment – properly aligning your spine.

When needed, your Prone Specific chiropractic care will be coupled with needleless acupuncture. Dr. Jackson uses an electrotherapy device called Pointer Plus to stimulate acupuncture points. Using electrical stimulation on certain points speeds up the healing process and releases endorphins which are the body’s natural painkillers. This allows you to start feeling better faster.

For many patients, Dr. Jackson will use traction tables as part of their treatments. These tables help stabilize many conditions and offer further relief.

Champaign’s Leading Chiropractor
Dr. Jackson’s combination of Chiropractic, Acupuncture, and Physiotherapy has been proven to get outstanding results. Jackson Chiropractic and Acupuncture is proud to use and possess some of the latest and most advanced diagnostic equipment in Champaign-Urbana. Through expert diagnostics and unwavering attention to professional growth and practice, Dr. Clint Jackson is Champaign’s top choice for chiropractic care.


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We accept most insurance plans. Our staff will be happy to verify and explain your benefits before treatment.
We accept auto accident, personal injury, as well as most insurance providers, including: Health Alliance, BlueCross BlueShield, HealthLink, Aetna, United Healthcare, and Medicare Part B.

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